What Makes a True Partnership?

It Starts With Collaboration.

From protocol development through final reporting, you can count on us to manage every aspect of your clinical trial with proficiency. As trial costs soar and the pressure to bring new drugs and devices to market intensifies, you can rest a little easier knowing speed and ease are inherent to our eClinical process. 

But it’s not just about collecting data faster. It’s about managing information better and sharing critical information with the entire team for more confident decisions. Sharing knowledge builds a more powerful team.

Then There’s Accountability.

While site researchers record and query data online, our program managers, data managers, medical monitors and CRAs can simultaneously query the data as well. Accountability of whether the information is valid can happen in real time. The result is an unusually high level of responsiveness and integrity that builds trust and collaboration with your clinical team.

Of Course Giving Useful Insight Helps, Too.

To successfully manage a trial, you need to access more than CRF data. That’s why we developed InfoLink. The advanced, web-based management system “sits on top” of the clinical database, pulling requested data into manageable reports to utilize on a day-to-day basis, or even hourly. InfoLink includes such vital information as monitoring visit schedules, regulatory document status and patient enrollment progress. You’ll get real-time data reporting, continually refreshed as data is entered – not just posting latent reports found in most CTMS systems.

A Partnership Gives You Confidence.

When you have aggregated and disseminated clinical and study progress data in an easy-to-read format you can progressively manage your study in real-time. That’s what we do. It solves your quandary of making costly decisions based on incomplete or outdated information. Early access to accurate information lets you make adjustments proactively. It’s a dynamic approach that’s not possible with paper or EDC alone, or with an outsourcing provider who doesn’t like that degree of transparency. Confidence is what we want to give you.

It Lets You Take Control.

With Novella Clinical, there are no surprises or setbacks at a trial’s completion. Whether it’s identifying safety trends, learning that a drug in a Phase I trial is not performing or rectifying recruitment problems, we act on events as they occur. And because you measure our performance on an ongoing basis, you experience greater control and input like never before.

That All Makes For a Smarter Trial.

Witness a better way to implement and manage your clinical programs with Novella Clinical by your side. Clinical expertise, leading-edge technology and process enhancements allow us to deliver a more efficient, smarter clinical trial. That’s what makes a true partnership. Leverage us to:
  • Proactively identify and resolve critical issues before it’s too late.
  • Make “go/no go” decisions earlier based on cleaner, faster data.
  • Gain knowledge of the trial’s status 24/7.
  • Ensure sites have a positive experience utilizing EDC.
  • Enjoy uneventful database locks in days instead of months.

The Novella Clinical Story – Abridged.

In 1998, clinical research professionals founded what was formerly known as PharmaLink with a single vision: use advances in internet-based technology and security to simplify and revolutionize the clinical trial process. Through an infusion of capital and an affiliation with Family Health International in 1999, PharmaLink  (thereafter called PharmaLinkFHI) realized its ambitious goal to become a global, full-service eCRO.

Since then, we've expanded our clinical teams, refined our processes and fully integrated data capture and project management technology.

In 2000 we became the first CRO to license Oracle's InForm™ software. By licensing the software, we were able to host our sponsor’s studies, produce a clinically focused and easy to use eCRF and program our CTMS system, InfoLink, to compliment the clinical database. That enabled us to take a great clinical database and make it more useful in the conduct and management of clinical studies. We followed that success by licensing Medidata’s RAVE™ software in 2005. 

Also in 2005 we launched what was formerly known as eReady Monitors – a resourcing division to support our full-service programs, supplementing our project teams with the right expertise, at the right time and in the right location. Now Novella Clinical Resourcing is a vibrant, global, collective team, working with sponsor’s and their service providers to provide strategic resourcing and clinical solutions worldwide.

In 2008 we increased our global reach. After many years of working as strategic partners with what was known as Matrix Clinical, PharmaLinkFHI formalized the relationship through acquisition. The advantage was two-fold: it enabled our clients to manage trials online with maximum speed and efficiency, as well as conduct studies from virtually anywhere in the world.  With the advent of new and enhanced technologies, we knew there was a better, more efficient way to run clinical programs.

And that growth made it necessary for us to become one – Novella Clinical.


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